So, I am totally new to this and I have no idea if I am even doing this right. Lets hope this works this time.

I recently gave birth to my beautiful sleeping boy Nathan 13/01/19 . In the past five weeks since this happened I have been searching online for blogs of other women who have also experienced stillbirth. Reading their honest and emotional stories have helped me realise that I am not alone. There is strangely some comfort in reading how other people have dealt with their grief and that there is no right or wrong way to act. This has given me the drive to (try) create my own blog and share my experiences. Even if it only helps one person then I have achieved something.

My blog will be focused on my pregnancy with Nathan and my stillbirth experience. At the 12 week scan we were given a diagnosis, so since then I started writing down what was happening and how I was feeling.

Thank you for reading as far as this and I hope I can help you in a small way.

Sam xox


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